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Ali’s art is creative, intricate and approachable for all collectors. Her work really makes you pause to consider the subject and time required to create such an intricate piece. Ali is also a joy to collaborate with if you’re interested in a commissioned piece, art class, or talk art in general. Ali is a talent Charlotte is lucky to have.

Jim Dukes - Executive Director - Charlotte Art League

It is an absolute joy to work with Ali! Her attention to detail is top notch. The pieces she brings enrich the gallery and bring subtle elegance to any space they inhabit. Professionalism and talent are rate to find in one artist. I'm pleased to list Ali amount our very talented and selective group of featured artists.

Matt Alvis - Owner and Proprietor - TAC Gallery and Art Cart Noda

Ali is an amazingly talented artist and has produced exceptional work for my interior projects (and personal homes) for years. She immediately grasps concepts like she can read my mind and see the vision, and executes flawlessly. Her work is featured in both my commercial and residential projects spanning a range of styles, mediums and palettes. I enjoy working with her as she is a delightful human to be around and her input on every piece is invaluable. Each creation has surpassed my expectations and floored my clients.

Tara Lawton - Principal/Designer- Curate by Tara, LLC

I knew Ali first as a great person then I learned  that she also happens to be  an incredible artist and the former comes through in the latter. You can see her personality in her exquisite attention to detail, her use of vibrant colors and most of all her unique perspective which helps show the beautiful side of the otherwise mundane. And isn’t that what art is all about after all?

Sterling Rockwell - Realtor, Event Coordinator

Stencil art with razor sharp grasp on artistic innovation and exquisitely edgy elegance. The result, uniquely crafted pieces that speak into existence the dreams of their creator. Ali is exceptionally adept at on the spot customs that expertly capture the intense spirit of the piece while exceeding the expectations of her clients every time. This skill set manifesting in otherworldly art with a hint of punk presence.

Kathleen Finch - Director of the Board - Charlotte Street Art Collaborative 

Ali is the BEST! I had an idea in mind but really let her creativity lead the way and she did not disappoint. The artwork came out better than I could’ve ever imagined! She is such a talented artist and really has the ability to make anything look beautiful. I definitely recommend her work and can’t wait to her work with her again!

Taylor Johnson - Client

A few years ago I took a calligraphy class led by Ali and she has been my go to for custom work ever since. The name place cards she did for my welcome dinner and reception were gorgeous. She did watercolor for the background and the most beautiful metallic script. My guest had never seen their names look better! She even painted a denim jacket for me to wear on my honeymoon. Ali can work off any medium and make the most unique designs. For my niece's first birthday I got her a cake knife and wanted the birthday cake knife poem as a keepsake as well. I even had one done for me daughter. She's truly a jack of all trades and I can't wait to order something from her again!

Morgan Parker - Client

Ali Took a photo of a gorgeous (and prohibitively expensive) area rug that I fell in love with and turned it into the most amazing painted accent wall. People initially think it's indicate wallpaper until I tell them to look a bit closer and they see the painting! It's one of my most favorite parts of my home and I'm so glad she was willing to work on this project for me.

Jessica Modeen - Client

I noticed Ali's work in Heist Brewery when I was having lunch and just so happened to be seated near her artwork. It was so unique and individualistic. Once I saw the Moth I just had to take it home with me. Best decision I've ever made!

Alesa - Client

Ali is the best! She accepted a last minute request for a surprise gift. She was super easy to work with and she fully understood the assignment!! Not only is her work amazing, but she provided it in a very quick turnaround time. The quality of her work speaks volumes. My friend really loved the painting of her new home! Thanks again, Ali!

Jordan Johnson - Client

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